Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Travis Pastrana & Ashley Fiolek bring 3 Gold Medals to AGV at X Games 16

X Games 16 was a success for AGV helmets who scored 3 gold medal thanks to mega stars TP199 and Ashley Fiolek.

For his return to Freestyle competition TP199 dominated the field throughout and offering the crowd a double-backflip on his 3rd run. Gold Medal.

On Sunday Travis entered the Speed & Style competition and once again laid the rules by taking gold in a dominating way.
TP199's outstanding X Games record now totals 17 medals including 11 gold!!! What a champ!

In the Super X Women competition our champ Ashley Fiolek went for a repeat and won her second gold medal in a row, after a repeat of her 2009 battle with Jessica Patterson.

Dainese's Erik Nelson MTB National Championship report

Here is a full right up Erik's national championships, including video and pictures.

Erik Nelson's next event will be the Maxi-Avalanche in Are, Sweden, then the Windham world cup finals.